If you believe ...

If you believe that God placed His hands on you and woke you up today,

tell God "Thank You"

Normally, each page and meme are written to all of us, using first-person grammar: we, us. While this is still written for all of us, this page is written in the second person, to specifically address YOU. We want YOU to apply the thoughts shared here to your own life specifically. Why?

Because YOU have much to offer this world, and we want you to realize just that!

You may have clicked on this meme simply to read what it has to say. You may or may not have awakened today feeling blessed. If you did, wonderful! If you didn’t, keep reading!

Even on the days, you don’t feel blessed, you really are. Every day you have breath in your body is another day that invites miracles and incredible events to happen to you.

If every day seems like just another day of the same old, same old, it may be time that you look deeper within yourself and discover what you should be awakening to.

First and foremost, you should wake up with the desire to be the best person you can be.

“But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also.” If you are already doing this, great! If not, this is where you need to start. There’s an old saying that says, “If you live for God easily, it’s hard. If you live for God hard, it’s easy.”

In other words, living for God easy is when it’s a casual part of your lifestyle, rather than jumping in with both feet and giving it all you have! This saying is true.

Even when you are giving your all, you may not realize the potentials that are within you to make a difference in the world!

Each day you rouse from your sleep, do you open your eyes with the knowledge of your purpose and calling in this life? Have you considered that you have something this world needs?

If you aren’t a singer, a gifted speaker, or a talented musician, you may think you are unable to be used. If you aren’t in the popular crowd, are extremely shy, or struggle with insecurities, you might feel inadequate. If you are some of these positive things, that’s great! We’re not dismissing the blessings and benefits of those things at all. Be sure to humbly use them for the glory of God! But if you aren’t any of those positive things, don’t think for a second that you have nothing to offer!

Although you may not feel direction for your purpose beyond your faithfulness to God, you must realize that YOU MATTER!!!

God did not make every human being the same. At all! Some are outgoing, some are introverted. Some are gifted, some are average. It doesn’t matter which of these are part of you. What does matter is your character? Are love, compassion, kindness, and patience part of your inner being? Are you affected when you see others suffering? Are you touched by the needs around you? Those are the things that are more important to Jesus!

And so, what does the world around you need—from you? What do you have to offer?

In conclusion, we hope you are now aware of how important you are to the world around you! Go out and make the difference you were meant to make! Be awakened to the blessing of knowing the God who created you wants to do great things through you!

Indeed, you are truly blessed!

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