A Mother is always a mother.

A Mother is always a mother. She never stops worrying about her children, even when they are all grown up and have children of their own.

Where would the world be without our mothers?

Most of the women we meet and rub shoulders with on any given day are mothers.

Many who aren’t mothers yet will be someday.

What makes the women who carry this title special? Oh, let us count the ways!

The woman that carries the title “Mother”:

1. Has willingly allowed her own desires to be put on hold. She can still follow after her dreams and visions, but she only does so after her children’s needs are met.

2. Creates a living environment that is safe and loving for her babies. She makes her home a safe haven. She chooses her outside influences and atmospheres wisely. The well-being of her children is of the utmost importance. Her own home is comfortable and filled with love. It’s a place where her children find security. Fun times and serious moments are part of the freedom in her home.

It’s the place where children can be themselves.

3. Is the emotional support of her babies. She hugs them when they’re scared, sad, hurt, and happy. She assures them that they are loved. A mother shares in the fascination of new discoveries as her children grow. She builds confidence and self-esteem in them. Laughter, tears, frustrations, victories, and every other emotion are shared and fine-tuned for success. From the time they are born until the time they venture out on their own, a mother is there to build her children.

4. Is a teacher of many things. It is because of her that her children learn their first words. She sets them on their feet time and time again when they are first learning to walk. She teaches them how to pick up toys and how to share. The stages of learning to brush their teeth and wash when they bathe move on to bigger things. Her knowledge of making a house a home, cooking a homemade meal, and cleaning up after dinner are passed on to her growing children. 

She is often the one who teaches them how to fill out a job application and how to drive a car.

5. Is the one who will love, forgive and pray for her children from birth until the day she dies. She encourages her babies to spread their wings and fly, while she is hiding her fears of letting them go. She wants them to know they can conquer the world but secretly wishes they would always need to depend on her in some way.

6. Is a very busy woman! Her multi-tasking skills are amazing, and she deserves a trophy for all she does!

With all she does, and for who she is, each mother deserves a hug, whether physically or emotionally. God made her very special, and our world would be so different without the nurturing and love she gives.

Let’s remember to love and celebrate the beautiful calling of motherhood. Kudos to those special women who exemplify all that a mother should be!

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